Nice to meet you! 

Fired Up is owned and operated by Robin and Sylvie, known also as 'The Creative Soul Girls'.  Fired Up offers a signature line of quality wood-wick soy candles perfect for treating yourself or someone else.

Everything is handmade in our small production studios in Sundre, Alberta and Hamilton, Ontario, so it is truly an artisanal and small-batch operation that keeps us both humble and wildly excited! 

When you burn our candles, you burn with HOPE and OPPORTUNITY. As a core part of our business model, $1 from every sale is donated to empower men and women around the world to work themselves out of poverty.  It is a cause that is very important to both of us, and we know being part of transforming and awesome change in the world is important to all of our customers too.

100% soy wax candles! So, yeah, soy wax pretty much rocks!

All our candles are made of 100% high quality soy wax.  We think it's pretty cool that soy wax comes from a plant instead of a refined oil so it leaves a much smaller footprint on the earth than other waxes, like paraffin. Our candles are also phthalate-free (phthalate is science speak for bad chemical juju). Let's just all agree not to burn that crap in our homes!

More cool benefits:

  • They burn way, way longer than stinky paraffin candles. This means you can buy more wine and cheese (that's what we do), or whatever else floats your boat. 
  • Fired Up Naturals candles smell great.  They really, really do (even Buck Naked has the nice scent of nothing). Our flavours  are made of  the highest quality home and body safe fragrance oils on the market. Our stuff will never harm you, or the things you love- like planet earth.

  • They clean up easy. So, you can use the containers over and over for stuff like storing tiny cookies, buttons, paper clips, oregano- really anything you can fit in! Go wild. We really want you to reuse them.  

  • They look wicked in your home, office, shop, studio, woman cave, man cave, sewing room, tack room, bathroom, pool room..... and we haven't even mentioned the wood wicks yet!

Wood wicks, baby!

We use our special custom-made, double-thick, double-wide (not just for trailers anymore) natural wood wick.  These are pretty cool - they burn with the soft but unmistakable crackle of a log burning in the fireplace.

We were trying to think of what else we could tell you... but really, they are wicks, and they are natural wood, and are kinda' wicked, so check it out. For full effect, close your eyes and imagine the scent of the maple-ly goodness of our "Oh, Canada!" candle!