Together, we can change the world and help transform lives.

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that when we act together, we become an awesome force for good that changes the world! That's why we are proud to give $1 from every Fired Up Naturals product sold to empower people in the developing world start their own businesses.

Village Savings and Loan programs are a proven, grassroots tool that millions of unbanked people can use to work themselves out of poverty.

This means that with each and every Fired Up Naturals product you buy, YOU are coming alongside men, women and children in the developing world and helping them to transform their lives and lift themselves out of poverty- forever. You are the real power behind the awesome of Fired Up Naturals!

About Village Banking

Village Banks allow people with scarce resources to borrow, invest and grow their businesses. They also empower women—who are routinely denied credit—to build enterprises that keeps food on their tables and their children in school.

Neighbours come together in “Village Banking” groups. Individuals save small amounts each week until there is enough to start a loan program. People borrow working capital for their micro enterprises out of these savings, and the group guarantees those loans. Village Savings also encourages  neighbours to support each other while growing their businesses; these mutual support groups can help invigorate entire communities.

How are we going to do this you say? Well, we are partnering with World Relief Canada!

World Relief Canada is an international development and humanitarian relief organization that, among other things, provides access to financial services and products to entrepreneurs and small scale businesses that have been turned down by traditional banks, so that these businesses can start, grow, and diversify with resulting increases in family income, nutrition, employment and well-being. Learn more about World Relief Canada at

We'll post progress reports and more info about World Relief's Village Loans program here regularly! Check back soon!