Oh Canada - Pure maple with a dash of True North strong & free



If you are looking for something more Canadian than Maple Syrup, Wayne Gretzky and William Shatner combined, then our “Oh Canada!” candle is for you! This Maple flavour is combined with a dash of True North strong and free in perfect balance to conjure up thoughts of all the Canadian goodness that you love- beavertails, Tim Hortons and, of course, hockey (okay, lacrosse for all you purists)! 

Vegan and cruelty- free, li
ke all our candles, Oh Canada is free of pesticides, herbicides and contains no toxic materials.

Hand-poured in a small batch, this 100% soy candle comes in a reusable 8oz tin will burn 36-42 hours. Our wood wicks are custom designed for a medium crackle and clean burn.

How am I gonna feel? (Also appears on label)

Like grabbin’ a double-double from Tims, playin’ some pick-up hockey & then huntin' down some maple beavertails!

What's in the goods?

Ingredients: 100% soybean wax, double wood wick, phthalate free fragrance oil and/or essential oil

8oz tin/6oz net weight

36-42 hour burn time

Proudly made in Canada