Tipsy Hostess - Red wine, raspberries & cassis



We’ve found the fountain of youth, darling, and it smells suspiciously like a Cabernet! This fruity fab-cab candle will get you through the day in flawless style! With a dash of mother’s little helper, you’ll be the most swinging hostess on the block!

Vegan and cruelty- free, li
ke all our candles, Tipsy Hostess is free of pesticides, herbicides and contains no toxic materials.

Hand-poured in a small batch, this 100% soy candle comes in a reusable 8oz tin will burn 36-42 hours. Our wood wicks are custom designed for a medium crackle and clean burn.

How am I gonna feel? (Also appears on label)

Like you’re two glasses in and still flawless! Snap!

What's in the goods?

Ingredients: 100% soybean wax, double wood wick, phthalate free essential and/or fragrance oils

8oz tin/6oz net weight

36-42 hour burn time

Proudly made in Canada