Together, we can change the world and help transform lives. 

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that when we act together, we become an awesome force for good that changes the world!

You’ve already helped Nusrat and her husband, a rickshaw driver, who live in Gurjat, Pakistan. He drives in the main city and makes enough income to cover all the expenses of his family. He wants to change the rickshaw’s engine, as it is causing a lot of pollution and is consuming too much oil for its work. With your help, Nusrat was able to secure a loan of 70,000 PKR for her husband to get the engine repaired to provide better facilities to his customers. Nusrat is hopeful that this loan will be a productive one for her husband and will bring positive changes to his business.

That’s why we are proud to partner with you and give $1 from every Fired Up Naturals product sold to empower people in the developing world start their own businesses. Small loans making big impact!

With your help, so far we’ve contributed to over 50 loans in 38 countries to entrepreneurial people who are firing up their economic engines to make a better life f’or themselves, their families, communities and our world!

Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Like you and Fired Up, Kiva celebrates and supports people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Canadian Women’s Foundation- helping women and girls in Canada thrive.

You also help us give to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, so that together we become a part of a community that is helping women and girls across Canada to thrive.

Our donation is helping to fund innovative community programs that are working to end violence against women, move low-income women out of’ poverty and empower girls with confidence, courage and critical thinking skills.

And we’re going to do even more together!

Each and every Fired Up Naturals product you buy, YOU are coming alongside men, women and helping them to transform their lives.


None of’ this would be possible without you!

You are the real power behind the awesome of’ Fired Up Naturals!